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Sporadically frequent radio broadcasts


ongoing Bi-Monthly show on Radio AlHara: Rhythm on Rhythm, drummers on drums
a thousand hours of a thousand drums.

✷ interview with Halim El Dabh, 2011

› EK guest set on NTS, 2018


Programs for

› The Ballads of Muhammad Ali
› Sad Songs
› Arab Skank: Encounters in Dub
› Boogie Baladi
› Mkataa: Dubai Bootlegs
› (a(version)s) Middle East
› Push Button Synth Styles Change Up Arab Street Sounds


Electric Kahraba on

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Archived programs (in chronological order):

› Negar Booban Interview + more oud music
› Loose ends mix

› A celebration of music from Halim El-Dabh
› Namjoo, Shajarian, Ojoobeha, and more
› Special Guest Selector DJ Butterphoenix
› Jazzy Arabs
› Fakarouny: Om Kalthoum, Iran, Iraq, MJ
› Irani Music
› music to bring the sunshine back
› Gnawa music + Andalusian fever
› Classical Accoustical Contemporary Digital
› Araby Pop 08-09 hits.
› Interviews w Annemarie Jacir / Narcy
› Meditative Decompressions
› May Nasr Interview / Women Singer Songwriters
› Beirut I Love You / Mix
› Araby Vinyl
› Rhythms, Traditions, Synths and Verb
› The Music of and Interview with Halim El Dabh
› Enta Omri / Arab Jazz / bit o' Rai
› Hip Hop and Sequenced Collages: Interviews with Omar Offendum and Zena El Khalil
› Araby Suber Poppy Mix

› Songs for Gaza
› Iraqi shoes tribute/Arabs with FX/Rai classics

› Oud music/ an interview with Dr. Jack Shaheen
› Hip Hop Arabi/Farsi/Francie
› Sabah Fakhri Tribute
› Ziad Rahbani Tribute / Soap Kills
› Radio Electric Mega Mix Inaugural Episode